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Vanilla Water Soluble Essential Oil

100 ML
250 ML
500 ML
1000 ML
2000 ML
5000 ML
  • High solvency property and an exceptional, refreshing aroma of vanilla flavor oil can be utilized typically in bakery products. It adds a lovely character alongside an interesting perfume in your recipes like bread and more.
  • Vanilla Water Soluble Essential Oil may prepare excessive exceptional and primary elegance flavored whipped creams. It provides a variety and flair of vanilla goodness to the cream.
  • Make use of the natural, herbal, and profoundly fragrant caramel aromatic oil in the preparation of top-tier lip care products, for example, lip sparkle, lipsticks, lip balms, and greater.
  • Use the Vanilla Water Soluble Essential Oil to feature a fragrant aroma and an amazing flavor to candies and chocolates. It is soluble in a huge variety of blends and allows in giving a lovely punch to your recipes.
  • Use the Vanilla Water Soluble Essential Oil to add a rich aptitude and a yummy twist to your beverages. Being an effectively concentrated product and free from alcohol, it helps blend in quicker and spreads taste effortlessly.