Titanium Dioxide


  • High-quality titanium dioxide for superior performance
  • Pure, white powder for excellent opacity, brightness, and whiteness
  • Non-toxic and safe for use in food and personal care products
  • Sustainable manufacturing processes for an environmentally friendly product
  • Fine particle size for easy dispersion
  • Highly compatible with a wide range of other ingredients
  • Ideal for use in coatings, paints, plastics, and cosmetics
  • Exceptional performance in a variety of applications

Welcome to the world of Titanium Dioxide, the ultimate solution for all your DIY projects! Whether you are a professional artist, a passionate crafter, or a DIY enthusiast, this high-quality product is here to elevate your creative journey to new heights. With its exceptional properties and versatile nature, Titanium Dioxide is a must-have for anyone seeking perfection in their artistic endeavors.

Our Titanium Dioxide offers a brilliant white pigment that is renowned for its exceptional opacity and brightness. Its fine particle size ensures a smooth and even application, allowing you to achieve flawless results in every project. Whether you are painting, crafting, or working on intricate details, this product guarantees professional-quality finishes that will leave you amazed.

Key Features and Unique Selling Points:

  1. Unparalleled Opacity: Our Titanium Dioxide boasts an unparalleled level of opacity, providing maximum coverage with minimum product usage. Say goodbye to multiple coats and hello to effortless perfection! This pigment will save you both time and money, making it the perfect choice for all your projects.
  2. Versatile Application: Whether you’re working with acrylics, oils, watercolors, or any other medium, our Titanium Dioxide is your go-to solution. Its compatibility with various materials and mediums ensures that you can explore endless possibilities and experiment with different techniques, all while achieving outstanding results.
  3. Lightfastness and Durability: This product is specially formulated to withstand the test of time. Its lightfastness properties ensure that your creations retain their brilliance and vibrancy even after prolonged exposure to sunlight or other environmental factors. Create lasting masterpieces that will stand out for years to come.
  4. Safe and Environmentally Friendly: Our Titanium Dioxide is free from harmful substances, making it safe for use in all your DIY projects. Rest assured that your health and the environment are protected while you indulge in your artistic passion.


100 GM, 250 GM, 500 GM, 1000 GM, 2000 GM, 5000 GM

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