Loyal Anti-Bacterial Hand Wash 100 ML (Pack Of 10) With 99.9% Germ Protection Fights Bacteria And Viruses, Maintains Hand Hygiene


  • Keeps your workplace healthy: Anyone who has ever had a job knows how easy it is for sickness to spread in the workplace. Once a co-worker gets sick, it is not long before everyone else is under the weather. Proper hand washing by all employees can drastically cut down on the spread of illness – and even helps with not getting infected in the first place.
  • Less food-borne illnesses: Nearly all food-borne illnesses arise from improper hand washing. And this doesn’t just happen in unfamiliar restaurant kitchens. At home, you also need to be vigilant about washing your hands before and after meal preparation and serving food.
  • Lowers survival rate for lingering bacteria: Bacteria have been on this planet for billions of years. They are masters at staying alive. So do not expect them to simply die off if you do not wash your hands. They can thrive on your hands for days, seeking refuge in your fingernails and cuticles.
  • Helps combat the rise in antibiotic resistance: Proper hand washing can prevent stomach-related and respiratory illnesses by over 30 percent. Antibiotics are often unnecessarily prescribed to combat these infections, which in many cases are caused by viruses, not bacteria. Widespread overuse of antibiotics leads to bacterial resistance, making illnesses more difficult to cure around the globe
  • Keeps kids healthier: Teaching children how to properly wash their hands can cut way down on the spread of sickness in daycare centers, schools and at home. Tiny hands come into contact with hundreds of different surfaces and objects on a daily basis. Keeping those hands clean and germ-free helps kids, teachers, parents and everyone stay well!

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