Loyal Disodium EDTA (Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid) Preservative & Stabilizer for Cosmetics & Personal Care (100 ML)


  • EDTA works by preventing the growth of biofilms and the outer membranes by inactivation of minerals such as calcium, zinc, and magnesium within the cell. Biofilms are a protective barrier produced by bacteria to protect them from the environment. If these biofilms are unable to be created, bacteria are unable to grow.
  • EDTA was initially used to reduce the effects of hard water when manufacturing textiles. EDTA improves the foaming and cleansing abilities of products by forming complexes with the calcium, magnesium, and iron present in water. These complexes form and prevent build up on their minerals on the skin or hair.
  • EDTA is also valued in skincare applications because of its ability to increase the penetrability of the natural skin barrier and allow deeper penetration by other ingredients. This quality can be especially useful in boosting the effectiveness of certain products by allowing the active ingredients to penetrate deeply, thus producing a more meaningful effect.
  • EDTA is a water-soluble ingredient used as a chelator. Chelators or chelating agents bind to mineral ions and inactive them. The chelating characteristics give EDTA the ability to work as a preservative and to help products work better in water with a large number of dissolved minerals or hard water.

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