Loyal Ethylene Glycol Monostearate (EGMS FLAKES) 5 KG


  • Ethylene glycol monostearate is used in cosmetic products not because it is beneficial for your skin or hair but because it enhances the texture and appearance of the formulation in personal care, skin care and hair care products.
  • It is mainly used as a pearlizing agent in cosmetic products and toiletries, as ethylene glycol monostearate dissolves in the surfactant composite after heating and during its cooling process crystals appear, leading to pearlescent lustre.
  • It helps to increase the viscosity of the product, thereby adding thickness to the product.
  • Due to its emulsifying property, it is used in emulsifying oil in water-based formulas, thereby providing stability to the product formula. It holds the 2 separable liquids i.e oil and water together in the formula which is generally difficult to combine
  • Its non-comedogenic nature makes it an ideal choice in many shampoos, hair creams as it won’t clog the pores of your scalp. This prevents the scalp buildup which can give rise to various hair and scalp conditions such as dandruff, hair fall and hair thinning.



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