Loyal Pearl Paste Cosmetics Grade (100 Gm)


  • Imparts Excellent Pearlized Appearance to the Shampoo/ Bodywashes, Handwash Formulations. Storage Stability: Shelf Life of one year under normal storage conditions
  • Gives a Rich Appearance & Texture, pH as such 6-8
  • Cold Process Mixing, Appearance: Viscous Pearly Paste
  • Self-Emuslifiable, Colour: Pearl Shiny White, Good Compatibility with other Perfume Compounds, Oils, Aromatic Compounds.
  • Imparts Silky Gloss & Shine to the Product. Thus enhances the Performance of the Product.

‎SHRI VILAKSH ENTERPRISES KANPUR 208017 U.P Help Line : +919260992100 http://www.loyalgel.com

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