Loyal Sodium Silicate Liquid – 200 Ml


  • Humidification – Surfactant molecules act as agents to reduce the surface tension of the liquid, allowing the hard surfaces of plant tissues to properly get wet during washing
  • Emulsification – Greasy stains are dispersed as a fine mist that remains suspended in the wash solution
  • Deflocculation – Stains or inorganic particles are broken down into fine particles in the wash solution
  • Sequestering power and conditioner – Silicates remove minerals and therefore the hardness of the wash water is reduced through an ion exchange mechanism that generates compounds (primarily calcium, magnesium, iron and manganese) that are removed during rinsing.
  • Corrosion Prevention – Silicates help protect metal surfaces that are susceptible to the corrosive effects of other detergent ingredients.



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