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100% Pure Glycerin for Face and Skin


Glycerin is an expectant, a type of moisturizing agent that pulls water into the outer layer of your skin from deeper levels of your skin and the air. In skincare products, glycerin is commonly used with occlusive, another type of moisturizing agent, to trap the moisture that it draws into the skin. According to scientific research, glycerin is absolutely safe to use on the face. However, glycerin easily attracts and absorbs moisture, dust, and pollution, which can cause irritation to some people. Thus, you should ideally dilute raw glycerin in water or rose water before applying it to your face.

70% Ethanol-Based Hand Rub Sanitizer and Disinfectant


As much as your hands serve you, they likewise put germs in contact with your mouth, eyes, nose, and numerous parts of your body. While washing your hands with soap and warm water is the most ideal approach to clean them, another option is to use a Loyal hand sanitizer. In case you have not made this germ-fighter a staple on your shopping list yet, you might just realize you need to, in the wake of learning its numerous benefits.

Acid Slurry – 90% Pure LABSA


It is widely used in the detergent industry as it is very cost-effective and has outstanding performance. The acid slurry is the most suitable chemical in the preparation of Liquid detergents as it is low in salt content and can easily dissolve in water. It is the most important raw material for producing anionic surfactants.

Acid Thickener for Toilet Cleaner


Acid thickener thickens and increases the viscosity of a range of acid systems including phosphoric, sulfuric, hydrofluoric, citric, oxalic, etc. It is a multi-functional material featuring effective thickening, wetting, corrosion inhibition, and perfume stabilization.


All in One Multi Purpose Polish (For Bike & Car)


Over time, your car’s paint may begin to fade and lose its shine and luster. Harsh environmental conditions and prolonged exposure to sunlight are the two main culprits. Left unprotected, your car’s paint will start oxidizing. Paint oxidation occurs when moisture is removed from the top layers causing it to lose vital oils. If these oils aren’t replaced, the damage becomes noticeable and the surface gradually becomes duller. Getting a car wash will not restore the damage caused by oxidation. Loyal All in One Multi-Purpose Polish is one proven solution to protect the gloss and shine on your car. It takes complete care of your car’s exteriors, restoring the original paint finish while giving your car a brand new look.



ALPHA OLEFIN SULFONATE APPLICATION OF WASHING POWDER The decontamination test showed that LAS and AOS showed good synergy in both phosphorous powder and phosphorus-free powder. Among the phosphorous detergent, LAS: AOS has the most significant synergy at 8:2. In the non-phosphorous washing powder with LAS and AOS as anionic active ingredients, the decontamination of AOS increased significantly when the proportion of anionic active components was greater than 20 %. The decontamination synergy of AOS in phosphorus-free washing powder is more prominent than that in phosphorous powder.

Alpha Olefin Sulfonate (AOS) Powder


Alpha olefin sulphonate (AOS) is the sodium salt of alpha-olefin sulphonate (SAOS), commonly known as AOS. It has excellent properties in wetting, blending, emulsification, solubility, good stability at high temperatures, and detergency. It has high foaming characteristics, mildness, less resistance to hard water, and is excellent bio-degradable. These surfactants provide outstanding detergency, high compatibility with hard water, and good wetting and foaming properties. AOS is free of skin irritants and sensitizers, and it biodegrades rapidly.



Nonylphenols, from the Latin nōnus and phenol, are a family of closely related organic compounds composed of phenol bearing a 9 carbon-tail. Nonylphenols can come in numerous structures, all of which may be considered alkylphenols. They are used in manufacturing antioxidants, lubricating oil additives, laundry and dish detergents, emulsifiers, and solubilizers. These compounds are also precursors to the commercially important non-ionic surfactants alkylphenol ethoxylates and nonylphenol ethoxylates, which are used in detergents, paints, pesticides, personal care products, and plastics.



NH4Cl is an inorganic compound with the chemical name Ammonium Chloride. It is also known as salt ammonia, the salt of ammonia and hydrogen chloride. It is a by-product of sodium carbonate. It has diuretic and expectorant effects. In its pure form, it is crystalline salt, white. This compound is highly water-soluble and mildly acidic. It is used in veterinary medicine in the prevention of urinary stones in sheep, goats, and cattle. When ammonium sulfate and NaCl solutions react, NH4Cl is produced. When a 5% solution of ammonium chloride (by weight) is mixed with water, the resulting solution has a pH value ranging from 4.6 to 6.0.

Anti Pollution Mask


The Loyal Universal Series is a simple yet effective range of products specifically designed with essential features to provide basic protection. These products assure comfort and value to the wearer, making tiring and challenging work slightly easier to bear. 1. Disposable (Non-Owen) face mask. 2. Made with 3 layers. 3. 1 st layer 70 gsm fabric. 4. 2nd layer 30 gsm (Non-Owen) 5. 3 rd layer 30 gsm Non-Owen 6. CE Certified 7. Loop Size: 17.5 to 18.5 8. Colour: Yellow 9. Width : 6.5 inches 10. Length: 9.5 inches 11. BEF % 95 & 99%. 12. Elastic each 4mm. 13. Pkg 6 nos 1 packet 14. Earloop not ultrasonic (Stitched & Pinned ) 15. ISO certified 9001- 2015.

Anti-Bacterial Hand Wash


Loyal Hand wash is designed to cleanse your hands and provide you MAXIMUM protection from harmful germs while eliminating odors and leaving you feeling fresh and clean. Our proprietary, PH Balanced formula is anti-bacterial, harsh on germs, and yet, gentle on your skin. Each flavor of hand wash has a unique fragrance making you feel confident and clean. MAXIMUM PROTECTION FROM GERMS: Designed to provide MAXIMUM Protection from Germs, Loyal Handwash uses an Internationally Accepted Formula to protect you from Germs, Bacteria, and Harmful viruses. Our focus is on your protection, it is why we wash our hands after all!



This ingredient is commonly used as a surfactant and antibacterial agent and is commonly found in household cleaning products. Benzalkonium Chloride 50% is a colorless Liquid, Soluble in water under normal temperature, Used for Oil Antiseptic, ponds disinfectant. It is a safe, rapid-acting bactericide, algaecide, and Fungicide. Not freezing and keeping liquid status under the very low temperature this product is a nitrogenous cationic surface-acting agent belonging to the quaternary ammonium group. It has three main categories of use; a biocide, a cationic surfactant, and a phase transfer agent in the chemical industry.