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Borax Powder


  • Clean Tubs and Showers. Sprinkle some borax on a sponge or damp cloth like you would a powdered cleaner such as Ajax and scrub tubs and showers. When you’re done, thoroughly rinse every surface with water.
  • Clean Toilets. To clean toilets, simply pour one cup of borax into the water, stir it up, then let it sit overnight. The next day, scrub it with a brush.
  • Unclog Drains. Use a funnel to pour 1/2 cup of borax down the drain, then slowly add 2 cups of boiling water. Let it sit for at least 10 minutes, then flush it out with hot water. Repeat as necessary.
  • Clean the Fridge. That same all-purpose cleaner works on the outside of the fridge. But for food spills on the inside, all you need is one tablespoon of borax per quart of warm water.
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About Borax Powder

Borax Powder is a mineral that is known under several different names, these include sodium borate decahydrate, sodium pyroborate; borax sodium tetraborate decahydrate; sodium borate. It is usually found deep within the ground and has been harvested close to the surface in Death Valley California. Its most common uses include a laundry booster, multipurpose cleaner, preservative, insecticide. People also use borax to make slime. The Crystals are odorless and alkaline, borax itself is not flammable or reactive.

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  • Manufacturer: SHRI VILAKSH ENTERPRISES  KANPUR 208017 U.P  Help Line: +919260992100
  • Country of Origin: India
  • ASIN: B08HSHB37G


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